BuildingLens® is a software platform that prioritizes occupants' health and comfort while maintaining energy-efficient operations in small and medium-sized buildings (SMBs). BuildingLens® integrates with vetted existing cloud-based Building Automation Systems (BAS) to provide building owners and operators a new level of oversight and customer-centered information. The turnkey solution to optimal building management provided by BuildingLens ensures coherence in the fragmented SMB BAS market. BuildingLens® meets owners, consumers, and stakeholders' expectations of what constitutes clean and safe indoor spaces.

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David Burchfield on the Values that Drive his Business

David Burchfield, the President of Burch Energy and CEO of BuildingLens, was recently interviewed on "The Shades of Entrepreneurship" podcast. Here, he shared his thoughts on clean energy and entrepreneurship.

Key themes that emerged from the interview. One was the importance of a clean energy future in the digital age. David's concern is clean air and its impact on people's health. He states it's also essential to consider the planet's well-being while pursuing profit.

As entrepreneur and business owner, David mentioned that effort and hard work and a bit of hustling are crucial on your way to the top. Although, it's just as important to have wisdom and be humble.

David shared his insights on getting out of your own way to scale your business. He stressed the need to pay it forward. This can have a positive impact on both businesses and communities.

Finally, David spoke about the importance of having a vision and purpose in business. He stresses the need to make customers happy and how it can help businesses achieve long-term success.

Overall, David Burchfield shared priceless insights into clean energy and entrepreneurship in "The Shades of Entrepreneurship" podcast. He stresses why a people and planet-centered approach to business is needed. It helps any business stay committed to what counts most: sustainability, community engagement, and customer satisfaction.

I hope you enjoy this interview: The Shades of Entrepreneurship

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2023 Tampa Bay Innovation Center Accelerator
2023 Oregon Inc.
2023 newchip Accelerator
2022 Portland Incubator Experiment
2022 Clean Tech Open
2022 Microsoft for Startups
Department of Energy STTR Program
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